The road from Montereale and Barcis to Longarone, through the Cellina Valley, is one of the most fascinating motorcycling riding routes. Friuli and Carnia have always offered bikers inspiring itineraries and every year this valley hosts a very exciting motorcycle tourism.

The classic motorcycle route

The itinerary starts from Montereale, in Friuli, and follows the Cellina Valley up to the Vajont dam, sadly known for the catastrophe occurred on October 9th, 1963; then descends the Piave Valley to Longarone. This tour is perfect for a ride: little traffic and hairpin bends.

Your first stop after Montereale is Barcis: a village on a lake attracting lots of mountain lovers. From here quite a few hiking routes depart to the peaks of the Carnia area as well as walks around the lake banks; the village is even a popular point of reference for motorcycle tourism in Friuli: pubs and bars of the village are a meeting point for riders along the Cellina Valley.

Continuing along the valley you’ll find the fork to Claut, another tourist destination of the Carnia area. It is one of the access points to the Friulian Dolomites Park and provides facilities and accommodation for winter and summer holidays. Your riding tour along the Cellina Valley then proceeds along a number of hairpin bends towards the village of Cimolais and the San Osvaldo mountain pass.

After the pass you’ll enter the Municipality of Erto and Casso, the final tour track in Carnia and Friuli, before descending to the area of Belluno, along the Vajont Valley. You’ll ride along the old part of Erto and the residual lake of the Vajont dam: if you like you can enter one of the itineraries that cross the valley and take up to the landslide of the Mount Toc. You’ll be in the heart of the Friulian Dolomites Park, top destination for mountain and nature lovers, as well as historical tourism destination because of the Vajont disaster.

Once passed the Vajont Dam your tour proceeds, leaving the Cellina Valley and the Friuli region, and descends to Longarone along a number of wide hairpin bends you’ll certainly enjoy: before your eyes you’ll see the town reconstructed after the disaster, now enjoying a lively historical tourism, and a few options to continue your tour: southwards along the Belluno Valley, westwards along the Zoldo Valley or even northwards to the Belluno Dolomites.

From the valley to the Dolomites

Surroundings are attractive: the Cellina Valley stretches along western Friuli, through the mountains of the Carnia area. Its peaks have a unique natural beauty and attract thousands of hikers to the stunning landscapes of the Natural Park of Friulian Dolomites. That’s why so many people come and enjoy these valleys as their holiday destination, especially on their two wheels.

Welcome bikers!

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The San Osvaldo Alpine Pass is one of the most enjoyable itineraries for bikers, highly popular on motorcycle tourism blogs.