At the Cervo Bianco you’ll never find the same menu throughout the year: our chefs create daily-changing freshly-prepared, handmade dishes, based on local seasonal produce, on what we can grow on our vegetable garden or forage from the wild woods nearby.

You can be sure you’ll always taste dishes prepared with local, genuine high-quality produce; unique recipes born out of the inventiveness and imagination of our chefs to make you enjoy a traditional, yet never ordinary, cuisine.

Our menu

Home-made cold cuts and cheeses

Home-made tagliatelle with meat sauce
Home-made pappardelle with mushrooms
A variety of risotto dishes according to the season
“Gnocchi del poverello”,
gnocchi with fried butter and home smoked ricotta cheese
Small gnocchi with minced deer meat in cacciatore sauce

Game grill
Stewed deer with polenta
Cervo Bianco-style grilled steak
Grilled sausages with polenta broth
“Safagiada” sausages:
pan-fried sausages with vinegar, sided with potatoes, mushrooms and polenta
Roe deer stewed with vegetables
Chamois or red-wine wild boar stew
Cheese crisp and polenta

Homemade cake

Book your table a few days in advance and you’ll be able to arrange a specific menu directly with our kitchen staff!