Local traditional food

Local traditional produce, seasonal fruits and vegetables, the flavour and taste of the products of the Vajont Valley woods. At the Cervo Bianco Restaurant & Pub in Erto you’ll fully enjoy sustainable zero-mile food. We love picking and cooking to bring all the flavours of seasonal herbs and wild produce from land to table, in the name of nature-friendly food.

Nevertheless, understanding the needs of our guests is our top priority: upon reservation we’ll be able to arrange wheat-free and vegetarian menus for our guests.

The right spot for lunch or dinner

The Cervo Bianco Restaurant & Pub is the ideal destination to stop for lunch: easy to reach from the Vajont dam, the nearby climbing wall and the historical centre of Erto. Come and enjoy the stunning view on the valley from our restaurant rooms.

Warm and welcoming dining

You’ll feel at home, in a cosy and friendly place with finely decorated rooms where our staff will cater to your needs and ensure you enjoy your visit to our restaurant.

The Cervo Bianco Restaurant & Pub is the brainchild of a food-loving family: their deep knowledge of the products of the Valley allowed them to bring mountain flavours from land to table.

The restaurant interiors also resemble the genuine and sincere nature of the family: our rooms have been recently renovated and are warmed by a fire. The traditional cosy fireplace surrounded by wall benches is the interior furniture piece all local restaurants must have.


“My hotel is all full, lofts and galleries:
Try at the Cervo Bianco, the inn down the lane”.
Gozzano, The Holy Night